Rogue HCG Ingredients


If you have researched the HCG Protocol you have come by the word ROGUE. This means that some foods which are off of the Original 500 Calorie protocol are consumed while on P2. There are many variations of the HCG protocol but I followed the original version (R1, 2 & 5) in addition to the foods below. Even when I did the 800 calorie (R3 & 4) I just ate MORE of the protocol foods. If this is your first or even second round I would get 2-3 weeks into Phase 2 before introducing the following or other rogue foods. It is best to have loses built up in case the change in food negatively effects you, prompting a  correction day.

 List of the Rogue foods I included in my Phase 2 while I was on Protocol:

Low-Sodium Chicken, Beef and Veggie Broth

Peppers- Red, Yellow and Green


Tart Cherries


Half & Half (Tbsp used in coffee instead of milk)

0% Greek Yogurt

Powdered Lime and Lemon

Hot Sauce (Tabasco or Cholula)

Bragg’s Aminos

Miracle Noodles (Shirataki without Tofu in the ingredients)

Cocoa Powder (unsweetened dark)



Many of the recipes on my site will contain these ingredients and I encourage you to try creative meals while on P2. That said, everyone’s is unique so listen to your body and/or medical professionals. People who have allergies or sensitivities should stick to the original protocol instructed by their Doctor or HCG provider. I will label my recipes as Rogue or POP (Perfect on Protocol) depending on the recipe.