About Bella


Hello HCGers, My names Bella!

If you’ve landed on my page you are on a personal journey, most likely one tied to weigh loss. Anyone who knows me will tell you… I LOVE food! Cooking it, smelling it, sharing it, taking pics of it, I’m pretty much married to it. The food I was loving didn’t love me back and caused many struggles with weight. After the devastating loss of a sibling, my relationship with food changed to dependency status. A very dear friend told me about a diet she was starting and I admit, at first it sounded crazy, but I was ready to pull myself out into the light of day. I started HCG in 2011 and never looked back…

I live for cooking and diverse flavor profiles so the approved food list was really hard for me to wrap my head around. After the first two weeks of HCG, I knew I wasn’t going to last if I didn’t integrate my love of food into the Protocol. Sometimes the trial and error got ugly, so I ate the inedible and learned my lessons. The positive outcome was spice blends, dressings, sauces and drinks. I lost 30 pounds in 40 days and I was pumped! I began helping others to achieve their goals through good tasting food and positive motivation.  This is a place for you to pick my brain, find new recipes and motivate yourself to keep going while on the HCG Protocol. Enjoy!

Bella @ CulinaryHCG